The draft EIS was prepared as part of the EIS process and was placed on public notification between 16 July to 17 September 2020. During this time members of the public and government entities provided written representations.

To view the EIS and the written representations, visit the dedicated Integrated Resource Recovery Facility EIS webpage on the ACT Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development directorate (EPSDD) website.

If you have any questions or would like to know more you can email Hi-Quality at


In preparing the draft EIS, earler Pre-EIS consultation was undertaken to inform the development of the draft EIS through three engagement stages.

  • Stage 1 consultation (July – September 2018) engaged government and regulatory agencies to help shape the scope of this EIS and better understand ACT regulatory requirements. Initial community council contact was also made here to introduce the project and identify future contacts.
  • Stage 2 consultation (September 2019) focused on raising general awareness of the Project amongst resident and community groups and seeking early feedback from near neighbours.
  • Stage 3 consultation (March 2020) supported the early community consultation by expanding the number of stakeholder groups that were engaged and gathering further feedback through email and online drop-in sessions.