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The proposed Integrated Resource Recovery Facility, situated at 6-14 Tennant Street, Fyshwick, is a proposed multi-operational waste management hub that will receive, process, store and transfer a number of waste streams including:

  • Commercial and Industrial waste (dry)
  • Construction and Demolition waste
  • Liquid waste (grease trap, drilling mud and oily water)
  • Wood waste
  • Soil
  • Asbestos Containing Material (store and transfer only)

The Integrated Resource Recovery Facility will also provide for complementary site activities including a concrete pre-cast plant, a landscape yard and a maintenance workshop.

The site is currently occupied by Hi Quality Act Pty Ltd and has a number of existing industrial/commercial buildings that were previously used for concrete product manufacturing activities including a concrete batch plant.

Hi Quality Act Pty Ltd is part of the Hi Quality Group. Hi Quality Group was established over 50 years ago and proudly remains an Australian family owned business. To read more about Hi Quality, visit  the main webpage.

The site has an area of approximately 10.21 hectares and the facility will utilise new and existing infrastructure and buildings on the site to process and store these waste streams.

The facility will make a significant contribution to resource recovery in the ACT.

Materials transported to the site are anticipated to total approximately 1.1 million tonnes per annum.

There are a number of buildings already present on the site. To minimise required construction, Hi Quality will look to repurpose existing buildings where possible.

Proposed layout of the project (click the image to expand):

Increasing resource recovery capability in the ACT region

The facility will increase the resource recovery ability of the ACT region, particularly for the highest volume waste streams generated in the ACT (including construction and demolition, timber, concrete, asphalt and soils). The facility will also provide for beneficial reuse by making products from materials received and processed on site to supply the local and surrounding regions.

Being centrally located within the ACT and with sufficient size and appropriate zoning, the facility will become a centralised waste management hub that would reduce the overall waste management footprint within the ACT.

The facility will utilise proven waste treatment technology and will provide the ability to process some waste streams not currently available in the ACT.

Project fact sheets

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